South Carolina among states with the highest premium + deductible increases under Obamacare

To examine the nationwide trend of rising out-of-pocket healthcare costs, Patient Daily has compiled a map analyzing a number of the 2015 average premium and deductible rate increases for ACA Silver Plans across different states. 

South Carolina is among the states with the highest increases.

The average annual state premium and deductible increase for 2015 silver plans in the exchanges was $225. In South Carolina, however, the average increase is $872.

Consumers are preparing for the trend of rising healthcare costs to continue, as many states have already released their rate requests for 2017, which range from 8 percent in California to a whopping 57 percent in Texas. Although the finalized rate increases for the upcoming year won’t be approved until late summer or fall, one thing is clear: Americans, and South Carolinians specifically, will likely face an increase in their out-of-pocket costs again in 2017 - a consideration they will likely bring with them to the polls. 

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