3D Systems introduces new water-soluble support material for Cube 3D printers

3D Systems (3DS) unveiled a new water-soluble support material on Tuesday, called Infinity Rinse-Away, for its Cube and CubePro 3D desktop printers.

The new material enables more complex 3D prints featuring articulation, suspension and movement, thanks to its ability to dissolve in water. Infinity Rinse-Away cartridges are now available for $49 for the Cube and $99 for the CubePro.

"We are thrilled to expand our desktop printing materials with the introduction of Infinity Rinse-Away soluble support material, enabling never-before-possible results from consumer 3D printers," Peter Theran, vice president of global consumer products for 3DS, said. "We are excited to see the amazing things that our growing user base will do with these powerful new capabilities."

Infinity Rinse-Away is clean and easy to remove, as it's made of clean, biodegradable corn-based plastic and is compatible with PLA plastic.

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