NutriFusion partners with Amazing Grains

NutriFusion partners with Amazing Grains   Courtesy of

NutriFusion, a supplier of natural nutrition and phytonutrient products for food producers, recently announced that it has reached a collaboration agreement with Amazing Grains, a cereal supplier and mix blend food company based in Canada.

Amazing Grains has agreed to integrate NutriFusion’s whole organic, non-GMO nutrient-rich food mixture called GrandFusion, an ingredient made up of fresh vegetables and fruits that do not have any synthetic additives, preservatives or excipients. This move will enable Amazing Grains to offer food processors the company’s nutrition enhanced products in North America. Now the company’s range of finished food products will have natural nutrients.

By using GrandFusion, Amazing Grains will receive licensure to a wide range of food producers that will join the brand with their private label brands. This includes foods from grain blends, breakfast cereals, brownie bars, muffins, granola bars, pita bread, energy bars, pita chips, cookies, crackers, salad dressings, pizza and yogurt, as well as pet food snacks.

As of today, North America is NutriFusion’s biggest market. The area has an established distribution route to both New Zealand and Australia. This means that NutriFusion’s four main sales markets of beverage, food, nutritional supplements and pet food can expand even further.

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