Creators’ Clubhouse to hold strategic planning workshop

Creators’ Clubhouse to hold strategic planning workshop

Creators’ Clubhouse recently announced that it is hosting a strategic planning workshop for small businesses, freelancers, entrepreneurs and other individuals Thursday.

Anyone interested in the workshop is welcome to come, whether they intend to use the materials for professional or personal success. The workshop is designed to help people move forward in life using outlines of projections and goals. These outlines include action steps that must be taken on a timeline to ensure that the goals are achieved.

The workshop will be hosted by Ben Sands, the CEO and founder of Sands Leadership. Sands will lead the high-energy, engaging workshop titled “Personal Strategy Retreat.” The presentation will assist people in reflecting on past goals and years and planning for better years to come.

The session includes determining highlights from the past, lessons learned, accomplishments, what did or didn’t matter, and what must be done to move forward. Thinking through these action steps is a significant part of achieving goals so attendees will be able to actively determine what they need to do more of or less of or even differently to guarantee that they reach professional and personal goals this year. 

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