AT&T invests over $875 million in South Carolina upgrades

AT&T invested more than $875 million between 2012 and 2014 in its wireless and wired networks in South Carolina, AT&T South Carolina said on Tuesday.

The investment provided upgrades to reliability, coverage, speed and performance for residents and business customers.

"With a growing range of connected home appliances, cars and wearable devices, we depend more on network connectivity than ever before," AT&T South Carolina President Pamela Lackey said. "Announcements like this are why it is imperative that South Carolina continually evaluate and update our rules and policies to ensure that we are encouraging investments in the technologies that provide the tools our citizens and businesses need for success in a global economy."

In 2014, AT&T made 289 network upgrades in the state, such as the construction of 63 new cell sites, greater wireless and wired network capacity, and new broadband network connections.

"Infrastructure of all kinds is essential to economic development," South Carolina Secretary of Commerce Bobby Hitt said. "Private investment, particularly in advanced communication technology, is one of the engines that will drive our state's economic growth and help create jobs."

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