South Carlina auto insurers added to quotation database

South Carolina drivers looking for a rapid comparison of automobile insurance coverages, services and benefits will now be able to do so online at, a site that provides a search portal for insurance companies across the United States.

 A new listing of South Carolina insurance companies has been installed into the Quotes Pros database, giving consumers the most current price quotes available.

The portal,, offers a direct search tool which includes insurance agencies in all 46 counties within South Carolina. Many of the South Carolina insurers included provide a menu of different policy types. Having access to all of the coverage options and information will be a plus for consumers, making the decision-making process easier and more thorough.


"Some adults prefer to buy packaged auto, home and life coverage from agencies in the state where they are living instead of working with a company in a different part of the country," Quotes Pros said.


As their technology has grown, Quotes Pros has revamped its website, now organizing insurance providers by state and using consumer ZIP codes as a method of matching to speed up calculations on quotes.


The company has also developed a state level search tool for insurance agencies specifically providing motorcycle coverage packages. The motorcyclist portal is located at and provides instant access to all statewide agencies that are supplying immediate quotes for rider coverage. 

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