S.C. GOP Chair: Republican Party embraces "entrepreneurship and innovation" in the Palmetto State

Matt Moore  

Incumbent South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Matt Moore recently said that keeping businesses in state is just as important as bringing new ones in.

"In the 21st century economy, states compete for jobs and investments," Moore said. "It’s not just about recruiting new businesses - we want our existing businesses to stay and flourish. It seems like Democrats believe government should solve every problem; Republicans recognize the power of limited government and instead work to help grow the private sector."

Moore said that under his leadership the GOP has aimed to be both "a partner and a friend to the business community."

"Good policy is good politics, so we try to recruit diverse candidates who represent the very best of what our state has to offer," Moore said. "Diversity of business and personal experience is very important.

"We’ve also encouraged our elected officials to support pro-growth policies and stop harmful policies like Common Core and ObamaCare. States can best solve their own challenges with their own solutions."

For Moore, often called the man who brought the South Carolina Republic Party to the iPhone generation, aiding businesses facing regulations makes sense for the state's business climate.

"Last fall, I took the lead in highlighting the hurdles faced by companies like Uber, the personal car service," Moore said. "Taxi cab companies had a monopoly on the personal transportation business. That’s wrong. The Republican Party has traditionally embraced entrepreneurship and innovation, so it was an easy decision for me to speak up.

"The beauty of the free market system is that innovators force their competitors to step up their game, or die. We recognized the party’s own technology wasn’t good enough following the 2012 presidential election, so we’ve made huge investments in database and smart phone apps that allow us to better target voters. Democrats don’t own innovation - the Republican Party has a lot of smart people working to create the next big thing in political technology."

The South Carolina Republican Party chairman is elected by the state party's grassroots leaders. The position has a two year term and is on the May 2 ballot. Moore announced his intention on Jan. 24 to run for re-election to the position.

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