Massey introduces bill seeking more transparency during asbestos litigation

State Sen. Shane Massey (R-25th) recently introduced Senate Bill 281, which promotes greater transparency of asbestos bankruptcy trusts

"Lawsuit abuse is a detriment to our state’s economy," Massey said. "A coherent adjudication process requires strict criteria for an individual filing a suit and ensures that all evidence relevant to a case is admissible. Certifying that a case has merit before it enters the courtroom and bringing all relevant information to the table levels the playing field and protects South Carolina taxpayers from frivolous lawsuits. I urge my fellow senators to work with me to ensure that all South Carolinians are protected from the abuse and manipulation of our justice system."

West Virginia recently joined a number of other states to pass such legislation. West Virginia's legislation discourages questionable claims and allegations of double-dipping fraud within the trusts.

The asbestos trusts were formed due to many companies going bankrupt during the course of asbestos litigation.

Ohio became the first state in 2012 to pass legislation requiring plaintiffs to file and disclose trust claims before proceeding to trial. Oklahoma and Wisconsin soon followed suit. 

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