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According to a recent report from the Municipal Association of South Carolina, Lexington County and other regions provide easy routes for businesses.

Avtec Inc., a software company based in Lexington County, quickly grew out of its office. The company has had its employees working in two different facilities. To expand, company leaders built a new site for office space in Lexington. The two-year project cost $7.5 million and created 46,300 square feet of space.

The construction was a considerable undertaking, and the leaders faced many obstacles, but working with the Town of Lexington was easy. The director of the company finished his work with the town in just one afternoon.

Lexington officials state that this positive news is thanks to their efforts to streamline their permitting and licensing processes, making these processes more business-friendly for companies like Avtec.

Lexington decided to make these changes when a previous director of the Planning, Building and Technology Department realized that people requiring permits and licenses would have to go to different floors for both permit clerks and for utility assistance.

Now the planning, zoning, building, utility and licensing officials are in one place. A concierge official escorts business owners through the entire process.

As a result, the overall process is much more efficient than it was before.

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