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Trump Administration set to issue permits for Atlantic energy exploration

The Trump Administration is set to bring the Atlantic coast one step closer to energy exploration and development, as the National Marine Fisheries Service is expected to request five Marine Mammal Protection Act permits for companies to engage to seismic testing to determine how much oil and natural gas reserves exist in the Atlantic Outer-Continental Shelf (OCS).

SC Vets4Energy leader pushes back on effort to halt offshore energy production

Following President Donald Trump's April executive order encouraging offshore oil and natural gas exploration, Rep. Mark Sanford (R-SC) introduced legislation to suspend East Coast offshore drilling for a decade.

Navy vet focuses on energy security from Lowcountry home

A retired Navy rear admiral, Lowcountry resident William L. Schachte Jr. enjoyed a distinguished career focused on protecting our national security.

President Trump's energy plan is 'refreshing', says Lowcountry veteran leader

For years, South Carolina has found itself in the middle of the national energy debate, specifically whether or not to allow oil and gas development off our shores. That debate is sure to be rekindled soon, with newly-elected President Donald Trump signaling he is committed to expanding domestic development of energy resources.

SC leaders react to Trump's order to advance the Keystone XL Pipeline

"The choice is simple - build the pipeline, create jobs in the United States, and lessen our dependence on oil from the Middle East." — U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC)

Veterans' group blasts Obama Administration move to deny Atlantic seismic testing permits

President Obama has less than two weeks left in office, but he isn't letting that stop from issuing new energy regulations, with his Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) announcing it has denied permits to allow seismic testing — the technology used to determine if and how much oil and natural gas exists offshore — in the Atlantic Ocean.

Hydraulic fracturing resulted in fewer mortgage defaults, according to Clemson University study

Research by a Clemson University researcher found that mortgages which originated in the regions of Pennsylvania in which hydraulic fracturing (also known as "fracking") occurs, had a mortgage default rate 58 percent lower than the state average.

Gov. Haley, Sens. Scott and Graham, show 'appreciation' for military with energy positions, says local veteran leader

May is Military Appreciation Month, and the chair of SC Vets4Energy said one way we can show appreciation for our military is by advocating for policies that boost domestic energy production.

SC veteran leader challenges Post & Courier coverage of offshore energy issues

A South Carolina veteran leader has strongly disputed a claim made in a Post and Courier article that seismic testing used in offshore drilling off South Carolina’s coast disrupts marine life.

Obama Administration decision to block offshore drilling puts 'fear above sound science', says SC veteran leader

“This decision puts unwarranted fear above sound science, and politics over national security,” said William L. Schachte, Real Admiral U.S. Navy (ret).

Support for offshore energy production strong among SC voters, survey finds

A new survey found that 67 percent of Palmetto State voters support “offshore development of U.S. oil and natural gas resources.”

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